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My wife Tammie and I are raising four children in the Southwest California area of Riverside which keeps us very busy. 
However, as technology leaped and digital imagery became more available at a reasonable cost, there was a greater opportunity to capture lifes' moment.  With the children into sports and extra curricular activities, there were even more memories to capture. 

Everyday I enjoy having the camera in my hand hoping to find the right shot.  Since my introduction to photography in my High School years, I have been fascinated by the ability to capture moments in time.  Once the age of digital landed in my hands, the 35mm and APS film cameras went into storage. 
At some time in the future, my plan is to revisit shooting with film.  For now, there is much to learn and experiment using today's DSLR's.

If you are wondering about the Dewdog title, that has been my nickname for many years.  Starting with Dewey, it has evolved to this...that's it, not too complicated.

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